Four (4) Skills you must learn in 2020

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These skills are for Personal Brands and Online Businesses

  1. Graphics Design
  2. Video Editing
  3. Audio Editing
  4. Website Design

I will be explaining the above skills on after the other and also will be showing us some of the tools to practise them.

  1. Graphics Design

With lots of graphic apps everywhere online, you don’t need to start learning corel draw or photoshop. In order not to complicate things, start with mastering canva.

Go to or better still download the app on your phone but doing it on a laptop will hasten your mastering and also give you a better result. Canva provides a guide which can assist you learn faster.

Note that Mastery takes time, but determine to achieve something great.

      2. Video Editing

I know that this sounds like something far-fetched but it’s actually doable and also within your reach.

You don’t need to be an animator, you can start with cut and join with Camtasia or simple Movie Maker.

If you don’t have a laptop or prefer editing on mobile then download inshot, it’s a fantastic app.


      3. Audio Editing


This is for those who would like to create podcasts or audio products. Know more about podcast.

You can use audacity to create one but it requires mastering if you practise.


      4. Website Design

So many people find website design very difficult because of the notion that you must be a programmer and likes of it. What I will be introducing you to doesn’t require coding, all you need it’s a template that will guide you into what you want to create.

With tools like,…. which I highly endorse and recommend you can design your own website.

Also get an e-book on Create a Website using WordPress which will give you a detailed do it yourself (DIY) guide on how to go about it.


Complementary Tools for you

  • helps you instantly and easily remove backgrounds from pictures
  • free high quality images to make your canva designs more exciting
  • high quality soundtracks for my podcasts and videos.