5 BIG FAT Lies about Network Marketing

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Here are the 5 BIG lies that has caused the deception and massive failure in the network marketing industry…

Lies that everyone who owns a home business unwittingly tell their prospects because they don’t know any better. They’ve been deceived as well. So watch out for them.

  • Lie #1 – Everyone Is Your Prospect!

Everyone is certainly NOT your prospect. Your family members, your friends or colleagues at work or school are not your prospects. These people are important ones in your life, and they have their own plans, goals and ambition which certainly is different from yours.

It is very wrong to force your loved ones or friends to join your business simply because you feel they’re people related to you. Many will join you because of fear of getting you unhappy, not because they’re interested in your business.

And when that happens, you’re building a very poor foundation for your home business, because it will never grow, as it is made up of a bunch of unmotivated people who joined just to make you happy.

  • Lie #2 – Everyone Needs Your Product!

This is another lie. Not everyone needs your product. Everyone has a peculiar problem that is different from another person.

At every point in time, people’s needs, wants and situation changes.

If you want to sell your product, you’ll have to search out for people who have the problems that your product solves. This group of persons is your target audience.

And these are the type of people that need what you have to offer.

For example…

You have a supplement for Arthritis, to sell it easily, it’s better you look for people who are already suffering from these health problem and desperately want a remedy for it.

Asking your Father-inlaw or Mother-inlaw to buy it simply because they’re elderly and may not have these problem is a wrong marketing approach. These people do not need your product, till they suffer from the same health problems, don’t market it to them.

So don’t simply assume that everyone you see around you is your potential customer.

  • Lie #3 – Duplication Is The Key to Success

Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s the harsh truth about working a home business. No one duplicates himself in others.

If you’ve sponsored just one person in a business, you know how hard it is to get that person to take action and get results for himself. Most people don’t do anything at all.

When you sponsor 50 – 100 people into any business, usually about 5% of these people are the ones who maybe able to produce results in your team. And that is about 3 – 5 serious people. These are the people who create the success you see in large successful teams.

And that is NOT duplication by any means. Duplication is not realistic in network marketing, because most of the 50 – 100 people you personally sponsor will never be able to sponsor anyone.

  • Lie #4 – You Don’t Need to Be Good At Selling to Succeed

A lot of reps will tell you… “You don’t need to be good at selling to become successful”, nothing could be further from the truth.

When you own a business of any kind, you automatically become a sales person. Even if you are not retailing the products directly, at least you’re selling the dream of financial freedom.

To succeed in anyway, it would be in your best interest to undergo some training on selling just like the SLO LEAD SYSTEM so that you can be more effective in getting customers.

Mastering how to sell will surely help you get a better results and put you ahead of a lot of people who are unwilling to take that path.

On the contrary, you really need to learn how to sell to succeed.

  • Lie #5 – You Can Build A Big Business Working Part-Time

This is a big lie too. No big business ever emerged as a result of a half-hearted efforts. Yes, you can work part time to earn 6-figures like 8 – 10 hours a week.

But if you want to earn the real big money in 7-figures, you must put in the time, efforts and resources to make it happen.

Most top earners devote 30 – 40 hours per week to make N1million or more per month, and this is working full time.

Working part time works as well, but you’ll get an equivalent results when you do. And that result is usually in 6-figure monthly income, and not by any chance a big business income.

Now that I have debunked all of these lies, if you do decide to run an home business, you’ll need to have a balanced view and a healthy expectations of the business so that your success is inevitable.

The next question is…

What’s the way forward for the average home business owner to succeed wildly?

If you want to succeed wildly at network marketing, you simply need ONLY TWO ingredients.

  • #1 – Positioning
  • #2 – A Process

These two elements when properly combined will give you incredible success as a home based business owner

  • #1 – Positioning

What will happen to your business if people already see  and perceive you as any of the following personalities…

  1. A Celebrity
  2. An Authority
  3. An Expert

Your high perceived value will determine the success of your home business, because people will see you as a person of value, a leader before they can join you.

Because achieving any of these status will surely put your business on overdrive.

And that means you’ll be able to…

  • Attract more prospects [Instead of chasing and convincing]
  • Generate more leads
  • Convert these leads
  • Get more sales, reps and profits
  • And you’ll surely prosper

If you want to get the results you’re after, then you MUST position yourself as an authority by learning how to get leads,make sales and recruit

  • #2 – A Process

A Process includes the things you do in your business to get prospects, leads, and sales. Things like your…

  • Your Contents
  • Lead generation methods
  • Lead capture pages
  • Webinar marketing
  • Automated Email follow ups
  • Phone prospecting
  • Etc

How much of your time do you spend working on the processes of your business?

If you’re like most people, you likely spend WAY TOO MUCH! Most people spend the greatest majority of their time working on the processes, and little on the positioning?

So Positioning + Process = Success in your home business.

The  above elements can be achieved by learning how to make sales, sign-up  and generate leads

Once you have these two elements in perfect combination, then your success in network marketing is assured.