How to create website offline using WordPress?

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I know the first question that will come to your mind reading this title is “how possible can this be?”. Well, this is not only possible but also economical especially for a beginner.

Setting up a website can be time consuming because a lot of thoughts and ideas have to come into perspective to get it done. Doing this without the internet

  • Saves Data
  • It reduces cost of building a site
  • Brings relaxation
  • Gives you ample time for researches

Another question that comes up is why should I have a website/blog

Without any doubt, online businesses like affiliate marketing, content writing, online training and coaching, e-commerce, selling of digital products, website development, network marketing and a whole lot of them are becoming the boom of the century.

The internet world is full of knowledge and these businesses don’t require special skills to start one, all you need to do is to acquire the desire skill online through e-books, YouTube videos, attending online webinars and google search. It may though require that you will invest a little in some of these to get the first-hand knowledge needed.

I will just explain some the businesses mentioned above for those that are not familiar with them

  1. Affiliate Marketing: this is done in a way whereby you market a product for an e-commerce store like Amazon, Aliexpress…..etc. using an affiliate link which will be assign to you during registration with company, and get commission on any product bought with your link. You might be thinking ‘how can I market a product online?’ that why you will need a blog where you write about the products by embedding your affiliate link for interested visitors to patronise.
  2. Content writing: this can be achieved by writing articles for magazines, blogs, website, advert post and a whole lot. As a beginner you need a blog/website to showcase your writings before you get into the marketplace.
  3. Online training and coaching: Virtually everyone on this earth who desires to go beyond his/her present state in life needs training either in class or internet to grow intellectually. You need a site where you get to engage people before the day of the webinar.
  4. E-commerce: this is the buying and selling of goods online. If you desire to sell any products online, then you need an ecommerce site to run it effectively.
  5. Selling of Digital products: these are products that are not physical like e-books, drivers for applications, software’s of different kinds. You need a site to showcase these products for people patronize.
  6. Network Marketing: In this you get paid by referrals. You can make use of a website to get down what your networking company is all about, well you refer your prospects to the site for information before converting them.
  7. Website development: this very lucrative if you are good at what you do because most businesses need a website to run effectively.

Having a website is not limited to online businesses, organizations like schools, companies and other traditional businesses.

To build a website/blog using wordpress for your business, there are step to step guides for beginners and it doesn’t require coding. All these can be found in this e-book ‘CREATE A WEBSITE OFFLINE USING WORDPRESS