How to Mail Merge a Word Document from Excel

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Are you a Secretary or a Human Resource(HR) Personnel? Or are you in the position to produce letter in large quantities to different individuals and organization?

Imagine you have letters to send to about one thousand (1000) persons, have you also thought of how to go about it or do you need to start inserting the require fields for each letter, one after the other.  it will surely definitely take a month or more to finish and it doesn’t depict smart work.

Have you also ever asked yourself what is the function of ‘Mailings’ toolbar on the ribbon of Microsoft word application?

Well, Microsoft has made it easy for the production of letters in large quantities on Word Document using the Mailings toolbar as this automates the process and can be done in less than 10 minutes.  helps to minimise lots of possible errors that might be encountered doing it manually.

I will be showing you steps on how to mail merge letters on Word Documents

  1. Prepare your database on Microsoft excel. Type the necessary fields like (full name, designation, address, name of company) needed on the address of the recipients.
  2. Save your database in .xls format on My Data source folder and close the excel file. My Data Source folder is in Documents.
  3. Open a new Microsoft word, type your contents on the page and the leave address space & other lines you need to insert special content blank.
  4. When done with the main letter, look up on the ribbons and click on Mailings in the toolbar.
  5. Click on Start Mail Merge and select “letters”.
  6. Click on Select Recipients and select “use existing list” as the database has been created. My Data source folder will be opened for you to select your list and another small window will open pop up as you click on the list to select the sheet where your list is located.
  7. Drop your cursor on where you want to insert the different fields, click on “insert Merge Field” and click the fields one after the other as you press enter on your keyboard after each field insertion.
  8. Click on “Preview Results” as you click on the forward sign to preview the different letters for different fields.
  9. Click on “Finish & Merge” and select any of the three (3) options.
  • Select “Edit Individuals’ Documents” and indicate the number of letters you want to produce. And you can now edit any individual letters you want to add or remove any feature.
  • Select “Print Documents”, and indicate the number of letter to print.
  • Select “Send Email Messages” and the indicate number of letters you want to send. Configure your Microsoft outlook because the emails will be delivered through the outlook server and also ensure that the outlook is open to enable a complete delivery of the emails.

Please Note that your merge document is a template and should be saved. Also, the merged document and the database in excel that was saved in my data source can’t be opened at the same time. Meaning that you have to close either of the document before opening another.

The implication is that if you try opening the merged document while the excel file is open, Microsoft will read that your document is corrupt. And in the other way, if you make any changes on the database while the merged document is open, the changes made will not be effected or updated.

Now to avoid the stress of closing the merged document and opening the excel document to where your database is to make some changes.

There is a sub-tab called “Edit Recipient List”, click on it and the window below will pop up.

This is the same excel list on your database, to edit

  • Click on the title of the excel document and also on the edit button which will be highlighted once you click on the title as shown below
  • Go to the list and make the necessary changes. There is a provision for new entry.
  • After editing, click on ok to update your list