How to make payment for Facebook Adverts in Dollars using Barter Flutterwave app

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  1. Facebook is one of the largest marketplace amongst all other social media platforms, where all marketers, advertisers & salesmen want to showcase their products. They also use it as an avenue to drive traffic to their website/landing page, leading to conversion and for generating mailing list as the case maybe.

In Nigeria, most banks don’t allow foreign transactions online like facebook,paypal…etc using debit cards due some policies from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The restriction can be lifted from your debit card if you go to the bank for complain but the procedure is sometimes long and technical.

“Most problems have solutions” Do you agree to that?

Flutterwave have developed an app called Barter , its on googleplay and Apple store. With Barter, you can add your bank account to your app dashboard and manage funds in your local and foreign currency. Get detailed reports that show your spending patterns and insights.

I am going to show you some steps to how to make payments for your facebook Ads especially in dollars using Barter app. Just follow me

  1. Go to your playstore or Apple store and download Barter flutterwave (there are other barter, so ensure its the one with flutterwave)
  2. After Download, you click on create Account
  3. Fill the required fields, click on ‘got an invite code’ and enter 2349055663084 before finally clicking on Register.
  4. Enter the OTP will be send to your phone number.
  5. Fund your account using your debit card or online transfer (insert the required amount by clicking on the + button). Also enter other of your banking details like BVN, its safe.
  6. The money will be in a local card showing amount in naira which can be used to pay bills online,subscribe for data and airtime.
  7. On the dashboard, click on create a dollar card.
  8. Fund the card by entering the dollar amount equivalent to the money in your local card.


  1. Your Dollar card is ready


  1. Copy your card number ,expiry date, click on the card of get the ccv/security number


  1. Go to facebook, paypal, click on add payment method and put in your card details


  1. With this, your Facebook adverts can fly



With the above steps, no more frustration on Facebook. Also note, when you enter your card details on the platform it will take a while get activated for deduction.

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