How to Set up Money Making Blog from Scratch

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Having a platform makes selling process even easier.

The question is, do you presently have a platform for selling?

What is a platform, you ask?

A platform is the medium that helps you to build solid relationship
with your readers and solidify you as an authority that can be trusted.

A platform helps you to quickly build and establish your credibility
as the only trusted source of that information in your market.

And it does this using third party social proofs.

It’s instant, and highly result oriented.

Contrary to just using emails which take longer time to convert
prospects to customers, a platform drastically reduces this
“long time” constraint.

In my own business, I have been able to use platforms and this has
made it easier for me to sell lots of products without asking people
to buy my products.

One platform that I have used consistently over the years is a
business blog.

A business blog makes selling easier. And when you have your own
products already, you do not need to talk too much to get people to
trust and buy your stuff.

Just write an engaging article with adverts of your products
passively showing as your prospects reads the article, and you get
automatic sales.

By now, I’m sure you already have a taste of how my training
product is.

And if you presently don’t have a product or platform for selling
that product, I have a solution for you.

Blog Cash University Training is the product you need to help
you move forward and make more money from the Internet.

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Now the blog training is not ONLY about how to set up a simple blog.

It is a training on how to set up a Money Making Blog.

There’s a BIG difference!

In fact, how to set up a blog is just about 15% of the content of
this awesome course that over 2,000 members have benefited from and
built businesses with.

The course is an advanced course that teaches you the following

  • How to research a market that will make you money
  • How to quickly create a product (information product)
  • How to set up a mini sales page
  • How to write email messages that converts
  • How to install a money making blog
  • How to upload banner adverts that will make you money
  • How to use social tools to add extra 1,000 leads every month for free
  • How to use holidays and events to create income windfalls
  • How to advertise on Facebook
  • How to research and write award winning articles that “magically” sell
    without the notice of your audience.
  • How to use autoresponders successfully
  • How to use widgets to install banners on your blog
  • And so on…

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