Reasons Why you should never get a Paid Job

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I guess society has squeezed everyone into that way of thinking.

  • Graduate from school,
  • Get a job,
  • Work for many years,
  • Retire and depend on a meager pension.

Most people feel that the quickest solution to make money must be through paid employment.

What a lousy way of living. The fact that the masses agree on the concept of working a job does not make it a very good idea. Now when you look at it closely, how many employees have you seen achieved the following:

  • Have achieved millionaire status in few years?
  • Have time freedom to enjoy the money they make?
  • Have financial freedom to buy whatever makes them happy?
  • Are truly happy and satisfied with their present jobs?

If you ask me, I think very few workers can boast of saying yes to one or two of the questions above.

Guess what?

If you are not working a job, you can achieve all the above and answer a big YES to all these question in a matter of 3 – 5 years. You can NEVER say that with a job, no matter how lucrative it is.

Today, I’m going to give you solid reasons why pursuing employment is not a good idea, except if you can not feed yourself at present.

Here are some reasons why you should not make working a job your lifetime goal.

1. You Waste Your Life Working For Time

Do you know that when you work a job, you are paid for your time and duties performed by you during that time period?

That is why people receive salaries at the end of the month. In other words, you are trading your time for money.

And time is life!

So if you work for 30 years in a company, you have just wasted 30 years of your life working for somebody and helping that person to be rich. I personally see a problem with this.

That means if you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

Don’t you think that your life would be much easier if you get paid whether you work or not?

Smart people who have refused to follow the masses, earn money whether they work or not. The truth is nobody cares how long you work in the office.

However, if you have something of value that can benefit a lot of people, many people will happily open their wallet to get it from you to solve their problems.

So you can see, people don’t care about your time, people care about the value you provide upfront.

If you are already doing a job, do not feel bad about the tone of this article because you may not know that “time spent” working a job is a life time wasted.

So jobs should be a stepping stone for a smart person to working for himself. An example of not working for someone is this blog, you are reading from.

Do you know that this blog alone generates over N500,000 per month for me?

And I have other streams of income that earns more than this income from other niche markets. This very article you are reading right now is a one time effort (Fixed time investment).

But people will continue to extract value from it and benefit themselves long after this article has been written. And each time that happens, there’s always a chance for them to follow my recommendations and buy my products.

And this can happen whether I’m sleeping, playing football, watching TV, or even when I’m holiday-ing. I don’t have to work all the time to make this income. That’s what is called Passive Income, because I do it one time and continue to make money from it thereafter.

This income it’s not attached to my time. It therefore means that if you compare me with a senior banker who earns about N300,000 per month, I’m using leverage to enjoy my life than he is doing.

While the banker will be in the office slaving away his time doing a job, I on the other hand have enough time to travel and enjoy special times with my family every week of the month, an opportunity so elusive to a top earner in the corporate world.

And that my one time effort will always do better than the salaries of many top people.

If I have a product that sells for N10,000, and I get just 2 people to buy it everyday from ONE website that I wrote several articles on, it means that in 30 days, I will sell 60 copies of that product, which translates to N600,000.

So I will make double what the banker makes and have more time than the banker does.

Granted, it may take a whole month to create such a system, but also remember that, that time investment is once and handsfree, I do not need to be there to make the money all the time.

While the banker works every month to receive his N300k, I worked just 1 month to make double what the banker makes, and this is continuous.

Interestingly, my system can be earning money for the next 2 – 3 years, while the banker may not be as lucky to work for that long.

2. You’re Limited To One Job Experience

Many people claim they want to get a job because of the experience they want to gain from the job.

It’s similar to saying that you want to play football because of the experience of football. Experiences come with the passage of time, and whether you start a job or not, you will still gain experience.

However, when you are on the JOB, you gain JOB experience which on it’s own is limited and disadvantageous because when you are fired from that job, and you’re unable to get that same job elsewhere, you will find it difficult to work any other place where your experience in that job is not required.

You’ll simply be experienced in ONLY that job, and this is NOT good. Job experience limits you to explore other more profitable opportunities outside the walls of your office.

What happens is you repeat that experience over many years, and stagnate.

Now think about this.

Would your job experience today still be valid if you do not find another company that will need your experience?

Which experience would you rather gain?

1. The knowledge of how to do a specific job very well


2. The knowledge of how to enjoy financial abundance for the rest of your life without ever needing a job that allows you to trade your time for money.

Well, I don’t know about you, I would always go for the second option always.

3. Jobs Are Way Too Risky

Many people today believe that getting a job is the most secure and safest way to support themselves financially. It’s sad really!

Following the masses is powerful indeed. It’s so powerful that it makes people believe the exact opposite of the truth.

Does putting yourself in a position where someone else can turn off all your income just by saying two words (“You’re fired”) sound like a safe and secure situation to you?

Does having only one income stream honestly sound more secure than having 10 income streams?

As long as you do not have control of the source of your income, your job is NEVER secured. And being an employee leaves you at the mercy of your boss at all times.

If you’re an employee presently, you’re gambling with your life support, because a single two letter words from your boss when you make mistakes or not can put your entire family livelihood at risk.

4. It’s Hard To Increase Your Income

When you have a job, you automatically have an “income ceiling”.

You are powerless to increase your income. And when there are opportunities to work over time, there is a limit to how many hours you can possibly work in a day to earn extra income.

On the other hand, if you’re a small business person, the income ceiling vanishes. Meaning, instead of working for time to make money, selling of products or services now represent the income you make.

And you can sell as many products as possible with high profit margin.

Imagine selling 300 copies of a product that cost N5000 in a month. That’s N1.5million. I have been able to do that on several occasions selling products from my blogs and about 90% of that income is pure profit.

What if you can sell 1000 copies? Wouldn’t you be able to increase your income? Try asking your boss to increase your salary because you feel you deserve it and see if your Job will not be under threat.

On the contrary, If you own a small business, and want to increase your income, you simply create more products, or you drive more website visitors to see your present offer.

How To Become Happily Jobless

What then is the best alternative to getting a job? The alternative is to remain jobless for life while generating income through various means.

How? You ask!

I want you to realize that each time you make money, you provide value, not time. So you need to find ways to provide value to others in exchange for money.

One of the easiest ways to do so is to start your own business.

Whatever service you provide via your present employment, find a way to provide that same service to people who will benefit from it directly.

One way to do that is by starting a blog.  Click Here to See how it’s done

A jobless youth corper recently approached me and asked me this question; Below are his exact words:

“I learned how to make soaps, perfumes, detergents, insecticides, air freshner etc from an NYSC financial emporwerment program, how do I legally produce these things and make money? Please advice!”

Below was my EXACT email reply:

“Producing and selling them legally will require huge investments. Instead I will advise you start small. Start a blog that focuses on teaching people how to do these things i.e starting small businesses like this on a shoe string budget, and charge people for the information.

For instance, you can create short reports on how to do each of these things, and sell to your audience. So you will be selling information products on how to start the process of each trade. Trust me, a lot of Nigerians need such to make a living. That way, you will make far more money than starting it will ever require. That’s my own advise.”

Do you presently own a job?

Do you want to learn how to be free?

Start a business blog and offer your present service to people and be paid what you are truly worth.

A good place to start is learning how to create an online business using a simple blog platform.

Click Here to Enroll In The Blog Cash University to Help You!

If you learn to use your current job as a stepping stone to a better life, by building an additional income stream via a business, you will realize the truthfulness of my arguments as expressed in today’s newsletter; namely, if you want to experience time and financial freedom, Don’t Get A Job! It’s as simple as that.

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