How to get leads, sales and sign-ups as an online marketer

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“Self Liquidating Offer Lead System


The Self Liquidating Offer Lead System PRO has the  two elements merged as a powerful turnkey recruiting system for doing the following simultaneously….

  • Generating Leads
  • Generating Immediate Cash Flow
  • Generating Residual Income
  • Positioning You as an Instant Authority, and…
  • Getting you a “PH.D” in Online marketing

As you may well know, the initial hurdles that network marketers and home business owners face is

1. Leads Acquisition
That’s finding enough interested people to talk to about their businesses EVERY day!

2. Cash Flow
Without an immediate cashflow, marketers struggle to build their businesses, and this can stifle efforts and leave a lot of people quitting early before the large profits or commission from their company starts coming in.

So the Self Liquidating Offer Lead System PRO tackles these two HURDLES effectively.

Why the Name “Self Liquidating Offer Lead System PRO”?

By definition, a Self Liquidating Offer is something that generates an email opt-in, lead, or purchase, while simultaneously offsetting (or completely negating) the cost of advertising.

For example, let’s say I wrote an ebook and decided to set-up a dedicated lead capture page for it. Then decide to drive traffic to the landing page. Then, I invested in some advertising on Google or Facebook.

Say I then find that 5% of the people who subscribe from the lead capture page purchase the ebook and it costs me $20 in ad spend for every two purchases, and 40 leads generated.

If the cost of the ebook is $20 or more, then this is an efficient self-liquidating offer (we’ll call it SLO for short from this point on).

That means, each time I spend $20 on advertising, I make 2 sales at $40, and generate an extra 40 leads.

These 40 leads are totally FREE leads because it costs me nothing to get them, since I have made back the money I invested by making 2 sales each time I invest $20.

In fact, I’m going home with an extra $20 in the process, and a free 40 leads.

If you run a home business and you have such a system, how many times can you repeat the $20 investment in a month?

Using the $20 analogy, If you repeat it everyday for 30 days, you’ll be able to generate 40 leads x 30 = 1,200 Free leads per month, and an extra $600 in free cash.

A good portion of the 1,200 free leads will surely join your primary network marketing business, and make you some serious commissions.

For someone who runs a home or network marketing business, do you think an extra $600 per month and 1,200 free leads can help him grow his business or not?

The answer is YES, it will put your business on overdrive.

That is the power of Self Liquidating Offer.

Getting you free leads and cash flow while running your primary home business.

For network marketers or home business owners, this very system, The SLOLeadSystemPRO is your self liquidating offer for lead generation and positive cash flow.

How Does The SLOLeadSystemPRO Work?

The SLOLeadSystemPRO is a special digital marketing educational training system with specialized tools, softwares, templates, and systems that helps every network marketer or home business owner to build their primary home business to 7-figures in record time, while offering them the ability to generate endless leads and cashflow simultaneously.

When you create a SLOLeadSystemPRO account, an affiliate link is automatically generated for you. You can access this at your account back office.

Inside your account, you’ll find all the tools and training you need to build your primary home business to generate endless free leads.

Your target audience are the following categories of people…

  • Other Network Marketers,
  • Affiliate Marketers,
  • Home Business Owners,
  • Anyone who wants to start a side business

And to generate these free leads, all you need to do is offer your target audience a powerful system they can use to generate an endless flow of leads for their primary home businesses. [You don’t promote your own business while doing this]

Using the SLOLeadSystemPRO, you’ll get tons positive responses, and highly qualified leads that you have total control of, for life.

So instead of the normal pitching and spamming of your products and opportunity all over Facebook and other social media platforms, like everybody else does, which does NOT work and keeps everyone broke…

You instead use the SLOLeadSystemPRO to help your audience learn a little bit about generating leads online because that’s what THEY (your target market) wants help with to build their business…

And that’s where the system comes in!

And that powerful system that will help them accomplish that is The SLOLeadSystemPRO!

As you know, every network marketer’s number 1 problem is how to generate leads for free, thousands of them will sign up for an account so they can promote their business.

When they sign up an account, you automatically get credited N5,000 for that referral.

That N5,000 is your immediate cash flow for giving any network marketer and home business owner a system to build their business and generate leads for free.

To take it a step further, The SLOLeadSystemPRO pays you 4 times from every single business owner who uses the system for 1 year to generate leads for their business.

In other words, you get a person to use SLOLeadSystemPRO account once, and you get paid 4-times in a year from that same person as long as he stays subscribed to the system.

That’s where the power of residual income comes in, and this is beyond the Self Liquidating Offers effects. And that’s why it is called a PRO system as the extension of the name suggests.

Potential Earning Scenario From the SLOLeadSystemPRO!

Let’s say every month, you’re able to generate at least 1,000 free leads.

5% of 1,000 people decides to run their business with the SLOLeadSystemPRO. (5% conversion rate is possible within a 12 month period because all the leads are your target audience.)

You get 50 people x N5,000 = N250,000 per month

Of the 50 people, you convert 20 people [40%] to join your primary home business and make product purchases. That will give you another 6-figure income depending on your company’s compensation plan.

If you run the SLOLeadSystemPRO for 1 full year, at the same pace, here’s the potential income you could generate.

  1. You would generate 600 registrations from the SLOLeadSystemPRO, and this will give you…
    N5,000 x 4 x 600 = N12million per year [average N1M per month] residual income
  2. You would convert 20 reps per month x 12  = 240 people would join your primary home business as your personally sponsored, and this could mean another high 8-figure per year income for you.
  3. What if you could generate 2,000 leads per month, how big will you grow your lead generation efforts, cash flow and primary home business?

Now tell me…

How would your life change if you could lay your hands on a powerful turnkey system like the Self Liquidating Offer Lead System Pro to run your home based business?

It will simply make you a top earner in your current company and you can qualify and bag all the awards due you once you get an account and start using it to generate endless leads and cash flow.